Sunday, December 2, 2018
I am excited to start the Advent season today with a delayed but amazing blog post full of two weeks of activities to share.

Students have completed the unit on polygons with their unit test, everyone could benefit from a review on how to sort polygons based on their features so I will be including that in this weeks homework package. We are moving onto 3D solids this week and will continue that until Christmas.

We are continuing our work on structures. Students have built structures out of paper and cardboard as well as pipe cleaners as we discover how to make a structure more stable. 
Language: Students are continuing their work on descriptive writing. We tied math and language together this week and created "Symmetry Bugs" where students had to create a bug that was symmetrical and then write a descriptive paragraph about their bug. (Pics to come, there were some amazing bugs). 
Roots Of Empathy We had our second visit from baby Eli…

November 9, 2018


November 2, 2018

What an fantastic week in Grade 3, I am not sure what the kids were most excited about!! We had our first visit from baby Elliot, it was spirit week, our seeds have sprouted (some are already an inch tall) and it was Halloween!

In math we have started looking at Polygons. We learned that a polygon must have straight sides, the sides must touch to close the shape and the number of sides is equal to the number of vertices. We will continue looking at these shapes over the next week.

We wrote a recount this week about our Halloween night and a descriptive paragraph about our Halloween costumes.

The students LOVED their Halloween art projects, we created a Picasso inspired Frankenstein and a mini pumpkin lantern. We will be focusing on Remembrance Day in the coming week.

Our library block now includes an opportunity to innovate at the Maker Space. This week we had a challenge to use our communication skills to build an animal out of LEGO. One student was the speaker and had to give instru…

October 26, 2018

It has been another great week in Grade 3! Our classroom was selected for a very special program called The Roots of Empathy and the students are very excited to be welcoming Baby Elliot into our classroom next Tuesday. A permission form went home today that should be returned as soon as possible. On Thursday, Mrs. MacAulay came in to introduce the program to the students and we discussed how we know what someone might be feeling by looking at their expression.

Another special project we have in our class is our Garden! I will be working with my class on growing fruits and vegetables in an aeropronic tower garden over the next few months. As a class we will take water samples, observe plant growth and decide what will happen to the produce we grow. I am very excited to be able to share this learning opportunity with the class and they are excited to share it with the school community. We planted our seeds this week and are excited to watch them develop. 
Math: We are continuing to exp…

October 20, 2018

Hello families,
Sorry it has been a while since my last post, the days are getting shorter and seem to be moving faster!

We have had a great month in Grade 3! The students have really begun to come together as a class and are working hard on using positive comments and being supportive of each others work as we have been working in large and small groups for a lot of our learning tasks.

In math we have completed our unit on Place Value and Data Management - graphing. Students have a good understanding about how to create a survey, collect data and organize that data. We will be working on Fact Families (the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction) and finding the missing number in addition and subtraction sentences. 
In language we are beginning our unit on Descriptive writing. Ask your child about Mark the Cat and what we learned about using adjectives to help the reader make a picture in their mind. 

Our class has tons of artistic talent! We have made two beautiful pie…